Core Features

Form Builder

Creating your event registration form is quick and easy. Customize with your branding, plus any combination of text boxes, radio buttons, dropdown lists, and checkboxes. You can add multiple registrant categories, pricing schemes, and sessions. The form builder automatically creates mobile-friendly forms, too.

Attendee Data Management

Change of plans? No problem. Quickly email an event update or reminder to your attendees. You can also track attendee payments, refunds, and any other registration changes. Give your colleagues access to make changes or view data, too. You have control over access levels and can see any changes made.


ePly automatically generates reports in real-time, with the option to create as many custom reports as you need. You can view and edit all registration data, track deleted and pending registrations, add registrations from the back end to override pricing, and more. Reports can even pull data from multiple forms or events.


Free one-on-one support and advice are our way of ensuring your event—and you—succeed. Phone, email, and live chat are available 7 a.m.-6 p.m. Pacific time, Monday through Friday, with emergency support 24/7. You’ll have the direct line to one of our industry experts so they can understand your event and offer tailored advice.

Conference App

ePly offers a personalized conference app add-on specifically designed to engage event attendees. Customize the app with your colors, logo and other branding, provide event details and updates, connect attendees and more to take your event to the next level. Click here to learn all about our conference app!

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Secure Payment Processing

ePly is a PCI-compliant system. With credit cards, payment reports are updated, funds are directly deposited, and receipts are emailed to registrants—automatically. You can also allow registrants to pay by cheque, PayPal, wire transfer, money order, cash, and OneCard, or set up credit card capture and automatic recurring payments.

Languages and Currencies

Build forms in French, Italian, Spanish, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, and Welsh. Or, modify form fields manually in any language. On the back end, you can work in English or French. You can also change currencies, as long as your online merchant account supports it.

Security and Privacy

Your data belongs to you and no one else. ePly uses SSL encryption when collecting registration data, and credit card numbers are never stored. Our data center has 24/7 security, has hourly and daily server backups, and, because it’s located in Canada, does not fall under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Patriot Act.

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Mobile App for Event Check-in

Download our free app for Apple and Android devices to easily check in attendees to your event or individual sessions. It’s ready to use as soon as you create your event. Multiple people can check in attendees at the same time, plus you can register new attendees onsite, know who has already paid, and more.

Custom Programming

We’re constantly updating our system based on customer feedback, but sometimes you need a feature we haven’t built yet. Our programmers can help. We’ve created complex registration fee discount structures, designed an award entry program, set up reporting to interface with an accounting system, and more.

API Access

Use our API to pull registration data from ePly into your CRM system, accounting program, or other database. Contact us and we will send you the API documentation.

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Email Marketing and Invitations

With an email module built into our registration system, ePly makes it easy to set up an email template, upload contacts, and send email campaigns inviting people to register for your event. The system tracks open and click-through rates, plus it can prepopulate registration forms when users click through the email.

Automatic Waitlists

Automatically build and manage waitlists if your event sells out or if you have limited space for sessions. When space becomes available, the system will assign the spot to the next registrant on the waitlist and email them that a spot is open or allow you to manually assign the spot.


If you’re selling tickets to your event, you can automatically generate and email electronic tickets to registrants. Ticket-holders can display tickets on their mobile devices or present a printed copy at the event. You can even include a barcode so you can scan tickets with the ePly app for a fast and smooth check-in process.

Badge and Certificate Creator

Create custom name badges, charity tax receipts, certificate of completion or attendance, printed tickets, and more. You decide on the template and, with a few clicks, can generate a PDF with all badges and documents for every registrant. You can even email each registrant their own individual file.

Bonus Offers

ePly extras include free form building, save-the-dates and follow-up surveys. Our registration form experts can build forms to match your branding. Save-the-dates allow you to generate interest in your event and follow up when registration opens. After your event, collect valuable feedback with a survey.

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