Email Marketing For Events

Whether you use email to market your event or for other marketing and communication efforts, ePly can help.

There are two options and you may want to use one or the other or both.

1 – Email Event Invitations

If you just need an email system to invite people to the events you put on, there is an email invitation module built right into the ePly registration system.

With this module you can easily set up an email template, upload a list of contacts and send out email campaigns inviting people to register for your events.

The system tracks who opens the email and who clicks through to your registration form. The system can also pre-populate the registrant’s contact information on the registration form when they click the link to register in the email invitation.

This feature is included in the cost of using ePly for up to 5000 contacts.  For larger lists contact us for pricing. Pricing depends on your list size and number of expected registrations and in some cases may be waived.

To try it out, open a free trial account in the ePly system and click on the contacts tab.

2 – Full Email Marketing System

ePly resells an easy to use email marketing system that offers all of the tools marketers need.

You don’t need any knowledge of HTML to use the built-in templates and email design tools that automatically optimize content to be viewed on all devices. A variety of campaign types, such as auto responders and A/B split tests, along with segmentation tools for subscriber lists give seasoned email marketers the opportunity to nurture leads and build sophisticated emails.
The features include:


  • Create messages from free templates
  • Customize templates without HTML knowledge
  • Templates optimized for inboxes
  • Basic image editing tool 
  • Unlimited image hosting

Email Reporting Features

  • Performance graphs and heatmaps
  • Integration with Google Analytics and social media
  • Opened, forwarded, bounced, delivered/undeliverable emails
  • View unsubscribed contacts
  • Download reports 
  • Click-through tracking
  • View subscriber history and list engagement
Email Creation Features

  • A/B split testing and autoresponders
  • Easy personalization 
  • Create HTML and plain-text messages
  • Preview emails before sending
  • Schedule email campaigns
  • SPAM test

Contact Management Features

  • Import mailing lists from CSV files, Gmail, Outlook, etc.
  • Segment your lists based on contact information and previous campaign activity
  • Automatically detect duplicate emails
  • Sign up forms for your website and Facebook
  • Embedded reputation management system


Pricing for the Full Email Marketing System

Contact Limit Monthly Price
1000 Free
2500 $30.00
5000 $50.00
10,000 $75.00
25,000 $150.00
50,000 $240.00
75,000 $380.00
100,000 $480.00
  • The total monthly email volume per account is limited to 10x the contact limit for the account.
  • Pricing for larger plans available upon request.

Open an email marketing account
 and use the system for up to 1000 contacts and up to 10,000 emails per month for FREE.


Get Help Setting Up Your Email Campaigns

If you would like someone from ePly to set up your email template and upload your contacts for you, contact us or request a quote for a price based on your requirements.
When you hire ePly to set up your email invitation for you:

  1. You provide the content and images.
  2. ePly will create the HTML email, set up the campaign and recommend best practices for event promotion.
  3. You get up to three opportunities to review the email and suggest changes/additions.
  4. You provide the email addresses to send to in a spreadsheet and ePly will load them into the email system.