It’s Here – the ePly Mobile iOS App


What event planner has the luxury of only one event to look after? When you’re on site managing a corporate conference, does that mean that you can stop driving attendance to that upcoming stakeholder relations event? Of course not! But when do you ever have a chance to sit and set up a workstation to [...]

How To Write Effective Blog Posts For Your Event


How do you feel about this statistic? There are untold billions of blog posts on the Internet. This may be good news to you as blogging is another widely accepted way of getting your message about your event out to your potential participants. But maybe you cringe and think “How will my message be noticed [...]

How to Spot a Leadite — and What to do if You Find One

Definition of a Leadite

  Leadites They walk amongst us, relatively unobtrusively and generally bothering no-one. You probably don’t even notice them quietly going their own way, even though if you look closely you’ll see the tell-tale tools they carry. And you usually don’t even need to care that they even exist. Until suddenly, BAM! They come up against [...]

The Real Cost of Free or Really Cheap Event Registration Systems


Healthy scepticism If you have a small, one-off event to gather registrations for or a very limited budget, it’s tempting to consider using a free or a very cheap event registration system. We’re happy that you recognise the benefits and time-saving opportunities that using an event registration system provides, but we want to offer some [...]

Why You Should (or Shouldn’t) Collect Twitter Handles on Your Online Registration Forms


  Getting people to input their information on a registration form is hard enough but sometimes, depending on the event, it might be useful to collect Twitter handles from attendees. We feature below some of the shoulds and should nots when it comes to collecting Twitter information.   You SHOULD be collecting Twitter handles if [...]

7 Steps To Eliminate Online Event Registration Headaches


Not fully testing your event registration system is one of the biggest mistakes you can make with online registration. Follow these 7 steps to ensure that your registrants have a smooth registration experience. Look Over the Form Visually check every detail on the form including, pricing, wording and spelling. Does the branding match your company [...]

Infographic – 23 Event Registration Form Rules to Sell Out Events


23 Event Registration Form Rules To Sell Out Events Make your registration form match your event website.Its good for your branding and helps to maintain trust with your registrants.  Make the form inviting and easy to use to – perfectly align elements and be consistent with spacing, colours and fonts.Your registration form is one of [...]

ePly’s Newest Feature – Check-In


We’ve made onsite check-in that much easier! In anticipation of the release of our mobile app, we’re ramping up with our check-in feature! The check-in feature can be accessed in either the Registrations or Guests report. Once you’ve brought up either report, the newest column “Check-In Status” allows ePly users to check a box to [...]

Mistakes to Avoid When Using Online Event Registration


Your event web site is thoughtfully crafted, with signposts along the way to gently but firmly lead people to your online event registration form. If designed properly, an online registration form saves time, effort and stress, both for you and for the person registering for your event. However, this isn’t always the case, and we’ve [...]

4 Steps to Make Calling References Provided By a Salesperson Not a Waste of Time (Plus a Bonus Step To Really Get the Truth)


References are like testimonials on steroids. Our previous two articles (How to Ask for a Great Testimonial and Using Event Testimonials to Sell More Registrations) talked about how testimonials can help people decide whether to attend your event. Now, we’re turning the spotlight on you as you decide which online event registration system to use (or [...]