4 Steps to Make Calling References Provided By a Salesperson Not a Waste of Time (Plus a Bonus Step To Really Get the Truth)

References are like testimonials on steroids. Our previous two articles (How to Ask for a Great Testimonial and Using Event Testimonials to Sell More Registrations) talked about how testimonials can help people decide whether to attend your event. Now, we’re turning the spotlight on you as you decide which online event registration system to use (or [...]

Writing for Event Websites – White Paper Download

 If you have any involvement with creating or reviewing event websites download this free white paper now! (this is a direct link to the PDF, you do not need to enter any information to access the file). Writing for Web Event Pages and Event Registration Forms offers some specific challenges. People approach reading on the [...]

How to Ask for a Great Testimonial

Getting Great Testimonials – With a Free Template You Can Use Testimonials are a powerful yet much underused marketing resource to promote your event and to generate registrations. Once you know what makes a great testimonial and where to ask for one, and we covered this in our last article,  you can make it easy [...]

ePly Not Affected By Heartbleed

  Chances are you’ve heard of The Heartbleed Bug, and are quite rightly concerned about its effects on your personal data – your banking, your email, and your online social networking accounts. The Heartbleed bug is a vulnerability in OpenSSL Library that allows encrypted information sent via webform, VPN, and instant message to be stolen. [...]

Using Event Testimonials to Sell More Registrations

Testimonials – a marketing tool or just hype? You’ve seen them on other event websites, comments such as “I had a wonderful time at this event” or “I learned a lot that I was able to use to get a promotion.” These are testimonials, and you may have wondered whether they’re useful in event marketing [...]

ePly New Feature – eTickets and Bar Codes

Ticketed events couldn’t be any easier! When you are selling tickets for an event, you can have eTickets automatically generated and emailed from the ePly system to save you time and mailing costs. With a barcoded eTicket, your attendees are scannable using your preferred tracking software. How does it work? This feature can be set [...]

Writing for Web Event Pages and Event Registration Forms 2 – Finding a Writer

Our previous article in this series covers the basics of good writing in general and for your event web presence. In this piece we consider who can produce effective copy for you and your event, and the pros and cons of each choice. But we start by taking at look at what message you need [...]

Writing for Web Event Pages and Event Registration Forms – The Basics

Even though we live in a visual culture, text is still essential in letting people know about your event. In addition to any print publications you produce, your online presence is through your event website and your event registration page. These are two different writing arenas but the message is the same, “We’re hosting a [...]

New to ePly – Increased Control Over Unpaid Registrations

Abandoned and declined transactions are a fact of life not only when using an online registration system, but with all transactions, online or otherwise. In response to customer demand, ePly has added a new feature to help you manage those unwanted but inevitable registrations. Status: Pending If the registration is left unpaid, you set the [...]

Guide to Working With Images For Event Planners – Part 3 – Who’s to do the Work?

We’ve arrived at the third article in our Working With Images For Event Planners series. If you’ve been following along, you know what file types and sizes you need for the images for your event registration form; you can look at the images you have and know what needs to be edited, and you also [...]