Why Keeping It Simple Makes The Most Effective Conference Badges

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There’s a lot of chatter online about what makes a good conference badge. For some events, the perfect name badge is a status symbol, with attendee names laser-etched into sanded oak plaques, or photos printed onto plastic cards. If you don’t have the budget though, a basic paper badge will be able to instantly convey [...]

New Feature – Badges and More!


ePly is proud to introduce a brand new feature with multiple uses – the ePly .PDF Document Generator. Badges Generate your event badges in half the time and effort. Simply select your paper size, upload your artwork, select your merge fields (Name, Company, etc.), and hit the button – instant .PDF badge document, ready to [...]

Most Popular Blog Posts of 2014


2014 has been a busy year at ePly. Here’s what other event professionals, like yourself, loved the most on your source for event registration tips and industry blog.  1. How to Ask for a Great TestimonialWe illustrate the difference between an OK and a GREAT testimonial and give you a template to use when asking your [...]

7 Easy Ways To Increase Donations


When we’re setting up online registration forms for our clients, we are often asked to include a field for people to enter an additional donation to the organization putting on the event or for a charity the event is supporting. It’s great to see people supporting organizations working for a good cause, so here are a few [...]

Top 5 Chrome Extensions That’ll Make Your Registration Form Flawless and Functional

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We’ve let the cat out of the bag by giving you some trade secrets to help make your registration form branded and customized. If you don’t want to get technical and want someone to take care of branding your online registration form for you, we will brand your form for free. Just ask and one of [...]

New Feature – Limit Form Access


Exclusive events – managing them does carry a certain cachet, but it does come with one major drawback: constant monitoring of the registration list. Who’s registering? Do we want them here? Are they even a member? We’ve thought of these questions too – The ePly Development Team has been hard at work, continually refining the [...]

New Features – ePly Mobile App

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We received amazing feedback from you and would like to announce our new features for ePly’s Mobile App – available on Apple and Android devices! New Features NEW – Check In Our new check in feature is now available on the mobile app – check in your attendees with ease and update your registration list [...]

Free Events and No-Shows – Does One Really Have To Come With The Other?


A very common bit of event planning wisdom says that much of the value of an event comes from the value that you assign it, meaning generally that if you host a free event, while you may attract a lot of participants, you are almost always guaranteed a high no-show rate. For the registrant, it [...]

The Key to Quick and Easy Event Websites


Almost by definition, an event planner has to wear many hats – administrator, customer service manager, communications coordinator, webmaster, graphic designer. Too often we’re stuck on our own to create a web presence for our events due to budgetary concerns. Luckily, there are a number of easy online options available to build your event website [...]

Managing Attendees in Real-Time Has Never Been Easier – ePly App for Apple and Android Devices

ePly on Apple/Android

What event planner has the luxury of only one event to look after? When you’re on site managing a corporate conference, does that mean that you can stop driving attendance to that upcoming stakeholder relations event? Of course not! But when do you ever have a chance to sit and set up a workstation to [...]

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