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Incentive Works 2015 Booth
ePly News
August 26, 2015

Incentive Works 2015 Recap and Prize Draw Winners

Thank you for taking the time to come visit us last week during the Incentive Works 2015 tradeshow, you would have met Justin (pictured above) or Jim.   Congratulations to our Incentive Works 2015 winners! During the show you had an opportunity to enter our prize draw and we’ve drawn the winners; those people are: …Read more

Ways to Use Barcodes For Events
Research Online Registration Systems
August 4, 2015

Ways to Use Barcodes for Events and Conferences

Now that you know how barcodes work, we outline 2 ways to use barcodes for events and conferences. Barcodes will allow you to verify, check in and track your attendees. We also provide you with factors to consider when looking at barcode scanning equipment and providers.   1. Check-In People As They Arrive to the Event The …Read more

Event Tickets With Barcodes
Event Planning and Marketing
July 17, 2015

Understand Event Tickets with Barcodes in Under 5 Minutes

This article will draw a quick picture about event tickets with barcodes and give you some information about what they do, and how they work. Barcodes, in general, are a convenience that can be taken for granted. Think of any time you’ve shopped at a grocery store, every product has a barcode. By representing a number that …Read more

Experts Check Registration Form for Free
ePly System Updates and Tips
June 29, 2015

ePly Experts Will Check Your Registration Form for Free

It never hurts to have someone else review your work – Just ask and one of our experts will review your registration form for free and let you know if they spot anything that might impact your event.  Support staff are registration experts who care about what you need and they are willing to go out …Read more