Call for Papers in a Pandemic: Virtual and Hybrid Event Planning

For a few short weeks in 2020, the world seemed to slow. As we’ve progressed to nearly the end of the pandemic, it looks like it has begun to speed up even faster than our pre-COVID lives once again. We have all adjusted, from the way we shop to the way we work, much of it “just in time” or with greater flexibility. Who would have thought that airlines would drop their $200 change fees?

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Show Me the Money! Virtual Sponsorship Success

Much like Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise) had to prove to his sports star, Rod Tidwell (Cuba Gooding) in the 1996 film Jerry Maguire, exhibit and sponsorship managers are having to show their organizations (and their clients – exhibitors and sponsors) the “money” or value in a virtual world. 

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Webinar Tomorrow: Association Event Trends for 2021

Personify, the leading provider of constituent management software, commissioned research in December 2020 of nearly 1,000 association members and staff about their preferences for digital engagement along with challenges and opportunities that have arisen over the past year with virtual events. 

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Beat the Burnout: 3 Tips For Staying Motivated One Year Into Virtual Work

It’s March again, which means it’s officially been one year since COVID arose and changed life as we knew it. That’s right, it’s been twelve whole months of social distancing and staying home — twelve months! We’ll be the first to say this past year has felt like a blur. Living in a constant state of uncertainty is tiring, and it’s more than ok to admit that it was (and still is) a lot to handle at times!

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Data Driven: Best Practices and Questions to Capture Virtual Event Feedback

While it feels as if we should all be well-versed in virtual events by now, the reality is, if you were mostly hosting in-person events pre-COVID, switching to virtual can be a challenge. We'll be the first to say it: It's a big adjustment! And even though we’re one year into this doesn’t mean you’re a pro: many people are just now holding events virtually that they cancelled in-person last year.

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2021 Event Email Marketing: The 5-Email Roadmap to Success

When leveraging your event email marketing strategy, there are five types of emails worth sending to maximize your event’s potential and create a proper channel of communication. Think of each email as an opportunity to promote your event, even when attendees are already confirmed. This strategy will provide value for your audience, create trust with your organization, and keep your event top-of-mind.

Read below for the what, why, who, and when for each type of email, as well as a few tips to make the most of each email opportunity:

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[Guest Post] A Realistic Approach to Hybrid Events in 2021

The following blog post was written by Rich Vallaster, Director of Client Relations & Support at Personify, the leading provider of constituent management software helping associations, nonprofits, and health and wellness organizations of all sizes.

With the tumultuous start of 2021, a slower than expected roll-out of vaccines, and some events staging in-person while other high-profile events cancel or declare they will be virtual well into Q2, event professionals are left wondering, what’s next?

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4 Fundamental Guidelines for Saving on Your Event Budget

Keeping within a budget is probably one of the top stressors for most event planners. There’s a lot to consider: venue, entertainment, transportation, food and drink, etc. So, how do you save where you can?

Don’t worry! We’ve outlined four guidelines to follow when planning your next event to help you organize your thoughts on where you can and can’t save:

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[TEMPLATE] How to Help Conference Attendees Justify Event Cost

Increasing conference attendance can be a seriously arduous task. You must convince your audience to commit not only their money, but also their time. (And we all know, time is money.) Tack on travel fees for a national (or international) in-person event and, well, it can be a bit of an uphill climb asking attendees to spend hundreds, even thousands to attend your event. Most wouldn’t even consider paying out of pocket.

That’s where their employer comes in! But, a potential attendee asking a tight-fisted manager to release funds without clearly outlining the costs and benefits will get questioned very quickly – so help get your audience to your event by providing an attendance justification letter template.

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How to Market Yourself as a Contracted Event Planner

If you’re a contracted event planner, whether it's for colleges, weddings, or a corporate setting, you know that marketing yourself is half the job. Your clients won’t just come to you; you have to put in marketing efforts to attract your ideal clients.’s time to ask yourself: are you utilizing all marketing outlets to ensure your success as an event planner? We put together three go-to strategies for driving interest, establishing relationships, and ultimately securing dream event contracts.

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