The Event Planner’s Guide to Volunteer Management

It can be hard to come by reliable event volunteers. They can be challenging to find and sometimes even harder to keep around.

The struggle is real! So to help you out, check out our tips below to help event planners master managing event volunteers:

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13 Questions to Use to Quickly Capture Attendee Feedback

Depending on your event, it can feel just as busy to those attending as it is to those producing it. Conferences, for example, tend to pack a lot of activity into a little bit of time, so there isn’t much spare time for attendees to give their feedback.

That said, conference attendees do want to share their thoughts on the sessions they’re attending! Us event planners just have to make it as easy as possible for them to do so. 

Making sure that your questions are quick and to the point is key for gathering feedback when the content is fresh in your attendees’ minds. Take a look at these tips and example questions:

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Our Top Event Blog Posts from 2020

It’s almost a wrap on 2020! And while most of us are ready to say goodbye, we thought it’d be fun (and, potentially helpful) to share our most-read blog posts of the year.

Whether you’re an avid reader, a new subscriber, or somewhere in between, here are the five posts all event planners should catch up on:

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Happy Holidays From the ePly Team

First, we want to wish all of our blog subscribers a very merry everything. It’s been a challenging year, to say the least. (We know, we’re talking to event planners here!) And, after months of solving problems, developing new strategies, and learning new platforms, you deserve a break

We hope that over the next few days you get to...

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Forming an Event Partnership: 4 Questions to Consider

Have you thought about joining forces with another company for your next event? There’s a lot to gain from an event partnership, like having access to more staff and more funds as well as reaching a larger audience.

That said, you need to make sure that your partnership is a good fit before you jump right into something that could affect your organization and/or event brand in the long run. Check out these four questions you must consider before forming an event partnership:

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Choosing Event Management Software for 2021: 3 Questions to Ask

At this point in 2020, you’re likely thinking about what your 2021 events are going to look like — more specifically, whether they will take place online, in person, or some combination of the two.

Events will undoubtedly be tricky to navigate for the foreseeable future. While planners have certainly honed their skill of being ready to pivot on a dime this year (and sponsors and attendees have been just as flexible!) we think there are still some ways that you can be proactive when it comes to finding the right event management software to suit your needs for the next year and beyond.

When it comes to event management software in 2021, here are three questions to ask yourself (and why you want to ask them):

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Event Financials 101: Building a Budget and Pricing Your Event

Event planners are often in charge of their event’s finances — which can be overwhelming at first, especially for those who don’t have much experience with managing money!

That said, having a firm grasp on your event finances also gives you a lot of power and freedom. Managing your event’s budget and pricing can give you the flexibility to prioritize where you spend money (and where you don’t) and how you add value to attendees, giving you the ability to drive more registrations.

It all starts with your event budget and pricing. Here’s how to approach both:

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7 Steps to Eliminating Online Event Registration Form Issues

Your online event registration form is an important piece of your overall event marketing. Getting your potential attendees to the form is one thing, but they have to complete it in order to secure their ticket. That’s why it’s important to ensure they have a seamless experience.

The best way to do that? Review it from top to bottom.

By following these seven steps, you’ll be able to identify and quickly eliminate any online event registration form hiccups:

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The Top 9 Items to Include on Your Event Website

One great thing about having an event website or “micro-site” dedicated JUST to your event is all of the digital real estate you have to really show your audience what your event is all about and why they should attend. That’s a seriously powerful event-marketing tool!

Those who work on large-scale events or for event planning companies are likely used to building out this kind of content, but event planners working for a university, nonprofit, or business may not know where to start. Check out our list of what you MUST include on your event website:

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6 Steps to Successful Virtual Event Planning

When planning a major event or conference, it’s best to investigate all of the ways you can maximize your event’s success. Many people and organizations have heard of a virtual event, but have no idea how to pull one off. If you count yourself among them, then these 6 Steps to Successful Virtual Event Planning are sure to set you on the right course to planning and maximizing the success of your event!

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