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ePly System Update – End of 2015, Hello 2016!

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2015 ePly System Update

The ePly System Update is here! You may have noticed these past months of text editors and button graphics getting a refreshed look. Those changes were definitely precursors to the massive overhaul of the back end of the ePly system. We’ve rolled out the following changes as a present to our awesome and amazing clients!


1. New Look and Functionality to the ePly Back End

The blues are so calming, the edges so modern, it just makes you want to build forms on forms on forms.

Some key changes include:

  • Menu styling and modern text editors– Search All feature (at the top right) – you can search through all your registrant data from every form in your account to find a registrant
  • Preview button has now changed to View Form
  • Email Notifications – Text Content emails can automatically generate from HTML emails but you’ll still have the option to edit them if you wish.
  • New Create/Copy a Form Wizard – click on the Create New Form button at the top right
  • My Forms page changes:

– To view reports, click on the pie icon
– To edit your form, click on the gears icon
– To view your form, click on the view icon
– New filter for created forms – no more checkboxes


  • New View on Reports – Will only display the first 5 standard reports unless you click More Reports
  • Search for a Registrant within an event at the top of the left menu in the Reports tab – you can search by name, email or company.
  • Customize the order of your custom reports in the Report Manager
  • The Delete Registration button is now RED


2. New Form Style and Look and Feel Options

Customize your registration forms even further with more styling options. You’ll definitely see them if you create a new form from the templates. There options include:


  • Upload a Background Image and Align It
  • Section Divider Style – Banner style sized to text
  • Radio/Checkbox Button Style – Colour shading that changes when highlighted or selected
  • Button Sizing
  • Theme – Like the look of one form? Save the styling as a theme and apply it to your other forms


3. Easy Billing System

You can now pay directly from your ePly account and view current/past invoices! You can access this as a client administrator when you click on “Account” and then “Billing” from the left menu. You can view/download unpaid/past invoices. If you need to send the bill to someone else, there’s a link you can send and they won’t need to log in to pay the invoice.


4. Tracking Codes and Web Analytics

If you’re familiar with web analytics or knows someone who is, you can add your analytics tracking code to your registration form. You can also add tracking to the Thanks page to know who submitted the form too. To learn more, please visit the ePly Help page.


Your Feedback is Appreciated!

Let us know what you think of the new look and features. We appreciate any feedback given and will respond promptly just like we always do. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-507-3759 and press “2” for support or email us at support@eply.com.


What are we working on next?

We’re aiming to launch our new discount code feature at the end of January or early February. We’ll be sure to let you know in our next email!


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