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Five Tips To Make Online Registration Work Even Better

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Make Online Registration Work Better

With any process there are always ways to make it easier, faster or more efficient. This statement is also true for handling event registrations. Using online registration is a great improvement over registration via fax, phone or mail, but there are always ways to make your online registration system work better. To help you get started with this continuous improvement, we have come up with five tips.

1. Encourage people to register online.

You need to tell your event attendees how you want them to register. If they are used to faxing, they will keep faxing until you tell them otherwise. Every registration that comes in online saves you time and money, so make sure it’s obvious that online is the preferred method. 

2. Only keep one database of registration data.

Depending on your event and the demographic of your attendees, you may still get some registrations via fax or mail. To eliminate any chance of duplicating or losing data and to not have to worry about which list is most current, enter the faxed and mailed registrations into the online system yourself. This will keep all of the data in one database and make the online reports accurate.

3. Ask for the reports you need.

Online real time reporting is a big feature of online registration. Almost any report can be generated, so be sure to ask your online registration provider for exactly the reports you need. Even ask for reports containing information that you need to provide to your client and event suppliers.

4. Use read only passwords.

One of the challenges many event planners face is to keep everyone involved with an event up to date with the number the registrations, which seminars are filling up, how many dinners are ordered, and how much revenue has been collected.

A good way to do this is to give those involved read only passwords. This will allow people with the passwords to view the online reports and keep themselves up to date, without being able to edit or delete the data. If you have people constantly calling to for updates, this will save you a lot of time.

5. Work with a professional supplier.

Since any error in registration can be costly in terms of time, money and reputation, you want to work with a professional. A professional online registration company will answer all of your questions, provide advice from their past experiences, meet deadlines and make you look good.

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