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Online Registration Best Practices
November 29, 2010

Do You Check These 65 Details When Reviewing Your Online Forms?

In daily life, I often dismiss writing a list because I say to myself, “How could I forget?” But I do forget, and truth be told, I know that I’ll forget. And for some reason, I go through this frustration even though I once trained as a pilot and pilots go through some of the …Read more

Online Registration Best Practices

Prevent Registration Nightmares With A Testing Procedure

Last month, we asked you “Do You Check These 65 Details When Reviewing Your Online Forms?” Think again in terms of the pilot who has to perform checks from the moment he arrives at the plane to the moment he exits the plane. Once you’ve gone through the 65 details, you’ve done all of your …Read more

Online Registration Best Practices

Open Registration On Time

When you’re planning an event, timing is of essence and one deadline after another makes its mark on the calendar. Getting registration started is an early priority as people may lose interest if they can’t register when they want to or they may have made other commitments by the time registration begins. If you’re using …Read more

Online Registration Best Practices

Making Last Minute Changes To Your Registration Forms

One of the advantages of online registration forms over printed paper forms is that last minute changes are possible. If you have 1000 registration forms printed and ready to mail it’s pretty hard to adjust an early bird date or change the name of a break out session. We aren’t saying that you should be …Read more