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Online Registration Best Practices
November 29, 2010

How Effective Form Headers Increase Registration Count

Have you ever gone to a website and had a difficult time finding what you’re looking for, so you end up leaving? The same thing can happen with your registration form. The first thing people see when they land on your registration form is the top of the page. So you’ll want to make a …Read more

Online Registration Best Practices

Gain More Control Over Your Event Registration

To ensure an event is memorable for all of the right reasons, event planners must be in control of every detail and leave nothing to chance. Computers and the internet can help event planners be more efficient, more accurate and more in control, even when it comes to event registration. There are numerous reasons to …Read more

Online Registration Best Practices

Ten Mistakes Event Planners Make When Using Online Registration

Online registration helps many event planners save time and money and reduce stress related to event registration. At the same time, other event planners seem to experience the opposite effects from online registration. We have identified ten common mistakes event planners make when using online registration so that you can avoid them and experience the …Read more

Online Registration Best Practices

Tips For Low Stress Onsite Registration

Even with a good online registration system, you will need to have staff greeting event participants as they arrive, checking them in and providing them with event materials and instructions. You may also need to process onsite registrations and deal with any unexpected issues. As many events are staffed with temporary help, Christine Olund from …Read more