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Registration System Update – December 2016

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Christmas is almost here and we have the ePly Registration System Update ready with new features and enhancements. 


ePly System Update - Holiday 2016


If you’ve been working in the ePly system recently, you’ve probably noticed a few updates. Here’s a summary of the recent changes:


Saving Preferences and Report Sorting

When you sort a standard report by clicking on a column header or choose which events to show on the My Forms page, the system will remember your setting even after you log out.


CC Email Field

If you need the emails that get sent to a registrant when they register to get copied to another person such as an admin assistant, you can now have a second email address field on your form for this purpose. The first time that you want to use this feature, you will need to contact ePly at support@eply.com to apply a setting to the field. When you copy the form for future events, all of the settings get copied so that you do not need to contact ePly for this feature to work, unless you are starting from a brand new form.


Account Level Reports

Configure a quick report that pulls data from any number of forms or events in your account.  Add any of the standard contact information fields plus other event level fields such as checked-in status, amount paid and registration date. This is useful to see if registrants owe money for any event without needing to go into each form, to see how many events a particular registrant attended and more. Click Account – then Reports from the left menu – each system user will have their own report settings saved.

account level reporting


Multi Account Users

If you are an event planner with multiple clients using ePly, or work at an association or university where you are responsible for multiple chapters or departments you probably have separate logins in the ePly system for each account. We have added a new user type where you can access more than one account using your main login and easily switch between the accounts you work in by using a drop down list at the top of the interface. To get set up to access multiple accounts with one login please contact ePly support.


A More Detailed Financial Summary

In the Dashboard report, you can expand the financial summary even further. Expand it to include the field option level for radio buttons, drop down lists and check boxes to see the exact counts and dollar values for every option (that charges a price) on your form by clicking the arrows.



Customize your Pre-Registration Report

If you are using the feature to only allow invited people to register for your event or you are populating fields for a registrant based on their email address or member number, you now have the option to choose which fields appear in the pre-registrants report. This is especially helpful if you are populating fields other than the standard contact information fields or are using an identifier like member number to look up details.

If you are not using this feature and would like to know more, please visit:  Limit Form Access to a Pre-Registrant List.


What are we working on next?

Salesforce Integration – you will be able to download an app from Salesforce to easily get registration data from ePly into your Salesforce account. This will streamline event marketing data for those who use Salesforce already. We are looking launch this ePly system update towards the end of January 2017.


If you have any future feature requests, please feel free to submit your ideas at www.eply.com/feedback or email support@eply.com.


From all of us at ePly – Jim, Justin, Terry, Graham, Josh and Roger, we wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Cheers and we look forward to serving your online registration needs in 2017!


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