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Registration System Updates and New Features

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System Update New Features

If you’ve been working in the ePly system recently, you’ve probably noticed a few updates. Here’s a summary of the recent changes:

Dashboard Update

This one is hard to miss if you’ve logged in to look at a report. The new design makes it easier to see your registration counts, form status, closing dates and financial details if you are collecting payments.

Very soon we will add a chart section where you can choose a field from your form and get a chart showing the breakdown of responses.


Session Check-In

If you are running an event with multiple sessions, you can now use the ePly system to check-in attendees to individual sessions. There are settings to only allow attendees who pre-selected the session during online registration to enter or to allow and track anyone who enters.

In the back-end check-in report, you will find a new drop down to select the check-in report for any field that you have enabled the check in feature for.  When you go into a registration, you will see the check-in details (checked in by and checked in time) beside the fields.

The ePly Check-in App has been updated to reflect these changes too so be sure to download the latest version – iPhone – Android

Scan to Check-In setting

Until now, when you scanned a barcode with the ePly app, it would work as a filter and bring up the registration you scanned on your screen. You then needed to touch the screen to check that person in. There is now a setting to automatically check-in that registrant as you scan. The setting is in the configuration area of the check-in report.


Mass Email Scheduling

You can send a mass email to all registrants showing in a report by clicking the “Send Email” button while viewing a report. Now, you will also see a “Schedule Email” button to set an email to send at a future time. 

Once you schedule an email, you will see it listed in a grid above the report and have the option to delete it if you change your mind. All sent and scheduled mass emails also now show at the bottom of the dashboard so that you have an easy way to see what has been sent and scheduled for all reports. 


Terminology change – Deleted Registrations are now called Cancelled Registrations

We made this change because we weren’t really deleting anything, just changing the status. Since we retain the registration and payment details for reference, it’s more accurate to refer to these as cancelled.

Apply a discount code to an existing registration in the back end.

If you are using the discount code feature, you can now apply a discount code to an existing registration from the backend on the payment summary page. This is useful if you have someone who forgot to use their code.

Discount Code Descriptions

If you have several different discount codes set up, it can be hard to remember who they were provided to or other details about them. Now when you add a discount code, you will see a description field for you to enter some notes. Only users logged into the system will see these.


Added a “Save As” button on the email notifications tab

The “Save As” button allows you to easily make a copy of an email that you are setting up. Simply click Save As, enter a new name and you will have a copy that you can modify as needed.

New merge field to insert all payment/charges for a registrant.

When you need to email out a summary of all charges and payments to a registrant you can use a new merge field called [PaymentSummaryDetailsHtml]. You will find it in the merge field drop down list under block merge fields on the email setup page.

If you have any feedback on these changes or ideas for new features please contact us to let us know. We always appreciate hearing from our clients.


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