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ePly New Features – March 2016

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Wow, can you believe it’s March already? The ePly team has been working hard to give you the most useful tools to build your registration forms with more functionality. Your feedback lit a fire and we are proud to say that after months of exploring, building, testing, and testing, we have given you a streamlined way to implement discount codes and conditional emails.



Here’s a brief overview of ePly New Features:


Easy Discount Codes

To use this feature, go to the Payment Options and click the Discount Codes tab. You can provide discounts in a combination of ways such as:


  • by dollar or percentage amounts
  • set a date range for when a code is valid
  • apply discount based on a set of conditions
  • limit the number of times a code can be used

For more help on setting this new feature up, please visit the ePly Help.


Conditional Emails

Now you can control which emails go out dependent on a registration option or set of conditions. To set this up, you will need to be editing an email in the Email Notifications tab under General Settings. Some examples include:


  • Not sending the confirmation email or sending a different email if a registrant selects Not Attending on an RSVP form.
  • Sending an email that includes specific information/instructions to those only registered for a specific session.
  • Sending important sponsor emails to only those who selected sponsorship on the registration form.

For more help on setting this new feature up, please visit Email Notifications in the ePly help.


As always, ePly is always here to help you, if you require more personal instruction, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-507-3759 and press “2” for support or email support@eply.com.


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